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Computer Training

Perfect for first-timers, beginners and intermediate users!
The computer world has been on a quick and steady up raise, especially with the expansion of popular technologies such as laptops,
tablets and cell phones. Learn the computer skills you need. Get a better job; learn how to present yourself in an interview and
excellence in customer service our learning Centre believes in a holistic approach to your success.
In today’s world, one cannot get by without being able to use a computer. This course will introduce beginners to the most common
Microsoft applications as well as teach them to use a computer confidently. Learning curricula is based upon Microsoft Specialist
Approved Courseware

Customer Service

How did it become us and them? When did we start to read our customers minds? When did business become cold and formal?
Customer focused quality services has a whole new idea about working with and responding to the customer.
Customer Service is applicable in almost every job position. However, if customer service is the main duty of a position, the
individual must be especially skilled and trained to provide good customer service. The goal of customer service is to maintain the
current customers as well as attract new ones. Usually a company will have customer service and relations training for its employees;
however, the possession of customer service skills ensures you as a competitive candidate for retail positions.

Intermediate Computer Skills

This course aims to take candidates who have completed the basic computer course up to the next level in computer literacy.
Upon completion of this course, candidates will be ready to be employed in jobs requiring computer literacy.


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